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How it works…

Submit Portfolio for Approval - Send a digital portfolio of your work so that we can review it and decide if we would like to feature your artwork in our store.

Approved Artist Confirmation - We will respond to let you know if you have been accepted to our Artist Series.

Sign “Artist Series” Contract - In order for you to start receiving commissions for your work, you will need to sign our “Artist Series” contract.

Setting Up Your Page - Once approved to be a part of our series, you may start submitting work to be added to your Artist Series store. We also require a header image (Size: 1100x120) to be used on your page and a directory image for the Artist Series directory page (250x525). If you cannot design one yourself, we will be happy to create one for you.

Confirmation of Approved Artwork - All artwork must be approved by our art department before it can be put in your store. If a piece of art, doesn’t meet our criteria, we will let you know.

Send High Resolution Image - As soon as a submitted work is approved, please send us a high resolution image to be used for printing purposes.

Create Collateral for Web - We will create all web images of your design. This will ensure that resolution and image dimensions fit in our site properly.

Sales Report - We will send a sales report listing all of your sales at the end of each month. This will reflect quantities sold for each design.

Commissions - Along with your sales report, we will send your commissions check for the items sold within that monthly payment period.

Submit your design portfolio to info@zombievshuman.com. We will review your material and contact you for approval.